Our Mission

Founded in 2012 in Ogden, Utah, Vipers Futbol Club is a youth soccer club designed to give kids from all backgrounds an opportunity to play competitive soccer.  Not only do we play the biggest clubs and teams, we strive to beat them!  To be a Viper one must display integrity, hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork and fun.  Through development and hardwork, anything is possible!  As Owner and Founder of Vipers FC, I hope to never stop developing our players to be better than they ever thought possible.  To me, when development stops, so does success.  We should never stop learning and striving to get better.  Please use this journal to continue your learning process and development.  Write down drills to work on at home, notes from your coaches, games, parents, trainers and other players.  To truly succeed, be a student of the game and always be willing to listen and learn.


Brady W. Nicholls
Club Director